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Cider with Other Fruit

Style Stats

Original Gravity

1.045 — 1.070

Final Gravity

0.995 — 1.010


5.0% — 9.0%


Like a white wine with complex flavors. The apple character must marry with the added fruit so that neither one dominates the other.


Clear to brilliant. Color appropriate to added fruit, but should not show oxidation characteristics. (For example, red berries should give red-to-purple color, not orange.)


The cider character must be present and must fit with the other fruits. It is a fault if the added fruit(s) completely dominate; a judge might ask, Would this be different if neutral spirits replaced the cider? A fruit cider should not be like an alco-pop. Oxidation is a fault.


Substantial. May be significantly tannic, depending on fruit added.


Additives may include white and brown sugars, molasses, small amounts of honey, and raisins. Additives are intended to raise OG well above that which would be achieved by apples alone. This style is sometimes barrel-aged, in which case there will be oak character as with a barrel-aged wine. If the barrel was formerly used to age spirits, some flavor notes from the spirit (e.g., whisky or rum) may also be present, but must be subtle.