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New World Cider

Style Stats

Original Gravity

1.045 — 1.065

Final Gravity

0.995 — 1.020


5.0% — 8.0%


A refreshing drink of some substance - not bland or watery. Sweet ciders must not be cloying. Dry ciders must not be too austere.


Clear to brilliant, pale to medium gold in color.


Sweet or low-alcohol ciders may have apple aroma and flavor. Dry ciders will be more wine-like with some esters. Sugar and acidity should combine to give a refreshing character. Acidity is medium to high, refreshing, but must not be harsh or biting.


Medium body. Some tannin should be present for slight to moderate astringency, but little bitterness.


An ideal cider serves well as a "session" drink, and suitably accompanies a wide variety of food.