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French Cider

Style Stats

Original Gravity

1.050 — 1.065

Final Gravity

1.010 — 1.020


3.0% — 6.0%


Medium to sweet, full-bodied, rich.


Clear to brilliant, medium yellow to amber color.


Fruity character/aroma. This may come from slow or arrested fermentation (in the French technique of défécation) or approximated by back-sweetening with juice. Tends to a rich fullness. MLF notes of spicy-smoky, phenolic, and farmyard are common but not required (just as with English style), and must not be pronounced. The French expect more subtle MLF character than do the English.


Medium to full, mouth-filling. Moderate tannin, perceived mainly as astringency. Carbonation moderate to champagne-like, but at higher levels it must not gush or foam.


Typically made sweet to balance the tannin levels from the traditional apple varieties.