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English Cider

Style Stats

Original Gravity

1.050 — 1.075

Final Gravity

0.995 — 1.015


6.0% — 9.0%


Generally dry, full-bodied, austere. Complex flavor profile, long finish.


Barely cloudy to brilliant. Medium yellow to amber color.


No overt apple character, but various flavors and esters that suggest apples, particularly tannic varieties. English-style ciders commonly go through MLF (see Introduction/Aroma-and-Flavor) which produces desirable spicy/smoky, phenolic, and farmyard/old-horse characters. These flavor notes are positive but not required. If present, they must not dominate; in particular, the phenolic and farmyard notes should not be heavy. A strong farmyard character without spicy/smoky or phenolic suggests a Brettanomyces contamination, which is a fault. Mousiness is a serious fault.


Full. Moderate to high tannin, perceived as astringency and some bitterness. Carbonation still to moderate. Bottle-fermented or -conditioned ciders may have high carbonation, up to champagne levels, but not gushing or foaming.


Sweet examples exist, but dry is most traditional, particularly when considering the drying contributions of tannin.